What's in the Works?

So, just like on my other blog, I haven't posted lately about the projects that are currently in the works. So I'm going to throw out a little update as to what is going on.

My huge ruffle project is coming along but it's really time consuming. Being a self taught seamstress, as it were, it gives me lots of good practice though. I really really want to make some bustles. Maybe after this. And I will still have to find a top to pair this with..

I'm really excited about making some utility belts. This is my latest. >
But I just found two new belts at the thrift store that I'm way excited about. Oddly, it has been quite the challenge finding good, brown belts to use for the utility belts I like to make. But a few will do for now.
Travis says we need to boost our inventory like mad now so that when we finally are able to get into a con we have enough to set up a full booth.
So far we have had no luck, the vender slots at cons fill up super fast! So we may not be looking at anything until next spring! gah.

My other big projects are the photo shoots! I have got to get back into them full force! I have had the military one ready forever but have been waiting on the museum. We finally got the go ahead!! But the lady is out of town and won't be able to give me the schedule yet. But I have a few more ready to go and will be making schedules with Darryl, our amazing photographer, and the models. I can't wait to pour out the goodness to y'all. Must have new photos!!!

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