Reduce Reuse Recycle

I talked about this concept a bit in the post http://livesteamy.blogspot.com/2012/07/steampunk-philosophy.html if you didn't see it a while ago have a look-see. :)
But now the subject comes around again, as it probably will sometime in the future, because it is one of our core ideals. And also one of the things that drew me to Steampunk initially.

When starting to make t-shirts we knew we would have to offer new shirts in full span of sizes. That's fine but in keeping with a reduce, reuse and recycle attitude we also want to offer upcycled shirts too! And I just put out the first batch! Upcycled shirts have the great benefit of being cheaper. We are very careful with the stock we buy. And buying used allows us to continue an attitude of ingenuity, care and conservation. Here are a few of our new, upcycled shirts:

 'Divebomb' on two tan shirts
 'Gear Me!' on a women's teal stretch t-shirt
Great for Fall!!! 'Divebomb' on men's long sleeve shirt

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