Made Special For You

I finished 3 out of 4 of my special orders today! I'm really excited because I've been struggling with some of them.

 This one has taken me the longest. It's a broken clock for the Alice in Wonderland table at the beautiful Miss Sharon's wedding. I wanted to make a large pocket watch that would hang, had the rabbit's face on the front and hung open spilling out gears and springs. The first problem I ran into was how to make the clock itself. Clay would have been way too heavy, so I tried to use that kids puffy clay stuff. It was fun to work with (that's what the rabbits head is made of) but when it dried it just cracked and crumbled. So plan B. I had bought this clock piece at Ross and used the clock for a dress and just had the frame. So I worked with that. I like the way it came out even though it is entirely different from how I first imagined it but I think it will look adorable with the half tea cups and tea set stack that we made for Sharon's table. And I will send her some extra, loose gears to put around it as well.
 A client emailed after seeing my other peacock fan and asked if I could do the feathers all across instead of just on the one side. For whatever reason I was really nervous about doing this piece. I was quite worried that she wouldn't like it or it wouldn't turn out right. And I was kinda putting it off due to such nerves but I finally just jumped in and did it. Travis loves it so I really hope our client will also.
Steampunked Yoga Pants! These were my favorite recent special order. I love the negative space gears in the "Gear Me" design. And we will be working on new gear and clock stencils sometime soon to start adding some more variety because this style is becoming so popular and I prefer to create my things from scratch instead of from purchased art tools. These pants are proudly going to Australia!
And I can't wait to make more.

Now that the bulk of my special orders are done I feel good about having a relaxing and fun weekend with my Mr. (We have a tendency to work all through our weekends. Oy.) 

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