"Bloomin' Bloomers"!

So that's a lot of 'bloom' going on but honestly I just couldn't resist. And what could possibly be better than bloomers?!?!
This pair of bloomers has a beautiful soft, stripe pattern with yellow ruffle fringe, white lace and two toned ribbon tied at side by a button. I love buttons! I also added the ribbon and bows coming down on both legs giving it a slightly sexier feel with the mock garters. When I was making them I wanted to add a 'ruffle rump' (a few layers of trim on the back side mimicking a bustle) But it just ended up looking like a duck bum. Would be totally cute on pantaloons for a baby but not so much for a lady.

Back of bloomers
However, with this pair I got to do the ruffle rump and I love it. This pair of bloomers is much simpler in that they are not as detailed but the adorable ruffle rump totally makes up for that. They are really soft and would be totally comfy to wear to bed or under a dress or just out and about with some added steampunk gear.

These two pairs are up on my etsy now and you can be certain that there will be more to come!

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