Fall hits Georgia

First off- whew- I have a tendency to drop off the face of the earth sometimes. But I'm back now. :D

A lot happened over the last week. We went up to Atlanta for a show but I really don't want to talk about it. I got super sunburned and Atlanta is the craziest driving experience I think I have ever had. Not to mention its a four and a half hour drive. So we left the house at 3AM!! Atlanta may not be the place for us. But I do love the steampunks there. (even though we got lost and I didn't get to go to the meeting) but AH I'm talking about it. Moving on...

Things at home are going especially well. Live Steamy continues to move along and steadily, little by little we get noticed more and continue to have new and exciting projects. I've started pulling more steampunk decor and habits into my creative space and it's surprising how effect that has been in getting more juice flowing. My Mr. is also moving right along on his projects: the edits on the novel and drawing/coloring of his comic. It's all very exciting.

So about this fall feeling. I grew up out west, mostly in the Rocky Mountains so fall has always had very distinct characteristics. There is a sharp chill in the air, the amazing colors of the changing leaves, that smell in the wind and a darkening sky. That's when you know its time for the pumpkins and spices and scarves and boots. That's the start of the Holidays when everything starts to have this time to get bundled up and cozy feeling. But I now live in a sub-tropical area and three days ago it was 85degrees. I've always loved pulling out my Hallows decorations and bringing out the drunken pumpkin and pie recipes. But without those "fall" signals I just wasn't feeling it. But! The last two days have been super chilly and the mornings are foggy and the nights are crisp. We did decorate the house so it is now covered in pumpkins and scented with spices. It's unusual for Georgia but I feel fall and it brings back a giddy nostalgia that I am happy to revel in for the moment.
Later this week temperatures go back to the low 80's and I am glad of that. I got my 'get into fall' spirit. :)
So how does this Fall Spirit manifest in my work? Why, Steampunk Pumkins of course!!!
(I thought of calling them Punk-kins but not sure if that's pushing it or not)

  I totally love them and can't wait to make more. These guys will be on sale in my etsy store later today. :D

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  1. I LOVE your Steampunk Pumpkins! Those are soooo awesome, especially the top two! :)

    Good job doll! Glad you get to feel fall a little bit! :)