Importance of Birthdays!

I do think birthdays may be one of my very favorite reasons to celebrate. When we are children, or have children, it is easy to see the importance. Our parents often make big fusses about our birthday and we get parties and streamers and balloons and sweets! We get to see all of our friends and don't have to clean our rooms and get presents! Christmas is great, Halloween is great, but Birthdays are the ones where every isn't just celebrating but they are celebrating you!! It's amazing. But as we become adults the importance of our birthdays seems to slip away more and more. Maybe it's because we become ashamed of being selfish, maybe we've had hurtful experiences on birthday's gone wrong or forgotten by our loved ones, or hate the idea of getting older and don't wish to draw attention. Often we are consumed by responsibility, after all the company doesn't care that it's your birthday and isn't going to throw you a party or give you time off. Maybe we are lonely and don't have anyone to celebrate with. But I say ppphhhwwweeeyyy. Take some time no matter how old you are, no matter who's in your life at the moment, no matter what else you have to get done that day to celebrate yourself! Be selfish and lazy and crazy and great and full and love every friggin' love every second. It is important. You are important!

In this spirit I'm celebrating myself. Took the longest bath ever! Painted my toe nails, primped for an hour and we are going to go walk on the beach on a lovely sunny day instead of staying inside and working. :) I'm so blessed for all the amazing friends and family I have and my amazing husband!

And I'm NOT going to make my bed so ha! (actually I think making beds is pointless as no one sees it but you and you just going to jump back into it in a few hours anyway, so I never make my bed but that's not the point anyway. *)   :D

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  1. Happy birthday gorgeous! You celebrate how you see fit! :)