Today my art room, Tomorrow the World!

I felt so trapped at my shop yesterday. We have one door and are centered in the building so we do not have any windows. And we were so dead. On Friday and Saturday we are open 10am to 8pm. A ten hour shift and we eat in the shop so there are really no breaks. Travis was home to work so I was there most of the day alone. I felt so stuck! And it was driving me batty.
One of our artists, NEN, (who's work is amazing btw, her link is at the bottom of my Links page and you have to check her out! Really great work) came to visit me the other day. It's summer so she is going crazy going to conventions to sell her work in the booths. And she is doing great. I'm so envious. And I'm thinking that that is a direction I want to head in. With the rising interest in Steampunk the cons are growing as well. That would be so much fun. And god I would give just about anything to get out of Savannah right now. And with the photo shoots coming along so well it could be a really good thing for Live Steamy.
The big issue first is that we need to decide what to do with our store front. Then we can go from there.

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