Half Cup If You Don't Mind

A few months ago I read Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. And it is positively absurd in the most enjoyable way. How anyone can come up with that much nonsense is a mystery to me. I respect Mr. Lewis Carrol for his wide ranging imagination.
So in honor of Alice, more actually the Disney movie than the book because it isn't actually in the book quite this way, I got an old tea cup and I cut it in half. Saying so lightly 'I cut it in half' is a little understated, it was a giant pain in the ass, I used a dremel and a specific bit that slowly gouges at the china wearing it away. I learned a lot while making this project. Like Hold On! Because when you have been at this for an hour and your hand is tired and you relax your grip just for a moment the dremel bit grabs it and throws it across the room and your half cup tea cup is now several pieces of tea cup. Also you have to cut in certain ways in certain spots at certain times in the process. Cracking is your absolutely worst enemy in this process.
But low and behold I did it and I loved it!! I then printed out the quote; you would think that at least would be no big deal, however, on that particular day the world just seemed to want to be difficult for me. So I wrote up the little quote, finding just the right font and just the right size. But then realized that I needed to be plugged into the printer. Our wireless is not working for whatever reason, sigh. Now this also wouldn't have been a big deal except the battery on my mac is also dead so it has to be plugged in at all times. I did not want to save a big file on my comp for this tiny little quote. So I closed my computer moved it, plugged back in, wait for start up, rewrite little quote, re-find font, re-size. Ok finally, print it out, cut it to the right size, perfect. Now I need it to look kind of old, the Mad Hatter and March Hare after all are all sorts of ragged and torn up. So I brought out the lighter and singed all the edges and held the lighter under the paper slightly burning some brown spots into it. Almost perfect... just this one corner needs some more... damn half the quote burnt off. What?! gah! So back inside, re-print, this time putting several quotes on the paper in case I screw it up again. Cut one out, get the lighter and more carefully burn in the details. And finally it was done.

I loved the finished project but the most rewarding thing was when it sold! To the sweetest girl out in California (really close to where I used to live actually) who is having a Disney themed wedding and this will be on her Alice table. Her excitement over something I had made was so encouraging. It was also my first sale on etsy.com and I feel very hopeful now! I just have to reach out to everyone who has supported me on this amazing journey! Thank you from the warmth of my heart!

PS. if you totally love the Alice's Half Cup I will be making more. Check out my etsy store often to see new items. Also please feel free to spread word on twitter, pinterest, facebook or wherever, just be sure to give me credit! ;)


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    1. Thanks love! I dig it. It's really fun but still classy and elegant.

  2. That is great, I love it! I'm so glad she is so excited about it, and it's awesome what her theme is!