Bobbins are the Devil

I swear that bobbins are out to drive me insane. They conspire in their little cases getting snarled, breaking thread and running completely out at all the most inopportune times. Bobbins are evil.
But I finished the first layer of ruffles on my project. I'm going to love it when it's finished!

Next up on the list: I have to continue moving forward on the photo shoots! And I have the next one lined up. A 1940's era women's, army green, suit skirt and jacket. I have this beautiful red head to model it. I also have a WWII helmet that I have attached a matching green skull mask to. It adds some darkness to the ensemble. Then I'm pairing it with some character heels and to match those making her a pair of gloves. The gloves I want her to wear are these...
Only in black and I can't seem to find them online. But I have a pair of black leather gloves so my attempted project for today is to make these zipper gloves out of the black pair. We will see how that goes. The set I want to use is at the Air Force Museum and I have to call them today to see if they might allow us to shoot there. I'm hoping and praying that they will but we will see. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Hope everyone out there is having a wonderful day!!


  1. Bobbins, bobbins, bobbins....you should check out this little tip I found on Pinterest!!