Through All the Ups and Downs

It's been a while since I wrote on my blog, sorry. We haven't had this busy of a week in a long time but between planning the wedding, completely moving out of the store front and finding a new renter to replace us, trying to sell off the furniture and fixtures we no longer need, the cats and continuing to deal with our freaking awful flea infestation (which is gone now!), my honey's birthday, house party, getting all the artists work returned or ready to send back, changing our business to online and traveling shows and events, combined with regular life. I am one whipped out girl. But we are out of the shop, our house is mostly set up and most of the things we brought back from the store are finding new homes. It's really nice to have some of our stuff back, like: my full length mirror, end tables, lamps! Our living room is actually usable now that we have lighting. We have someone taking over our lease to rent the shop and we couldn't be more thrilled. It's a very very good thing for us. And we are so excited to have time at home to actually work on our own projects!! I can't wait to really throw myself into Live Steamy and really start getting stuff out there! I looked at my etsy.com store the other day and I don't even have a full page. What on earth! I have way more work then that, I just haven't had the time to get it all up online. Sadness. But that is precisely why we let go of Serenity's store front. I'm very excited. And one more thing... my friends are the most awesome people ever!!! Look what I got!!
I've been needing a dress form so badly for so long. I can do a lot with my work now and I cannot wait to get started! As for the trunk, we have another as well that has a flat top and is a little older, we are going to use them to load up and travel with all of Live Steamy's merchandise for the flea markets and shows and eventually conventions. Traveling with the trunks will be just awesome. And they look great in our house in the meantime. Love love.

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