More going ons about the photo shoot

...but this time includes pictures!!
So we took miss Chelsea out to Tybee Island and met Darryl on the north beach. And I was amazed. I actually hadn't been to the north beach and it's very different from the rest of Tybee. Big pieces of old, driftwood, rusted pillars and gorgeous boulders along the shore line. Miss Chelsea modeled an outfit that I had pulled together and added on to with my bedazzler. I know, I know, you say bedazzle and everyone is like what? Studded jean jacket! But seriously it can be used to make Steampunk gear, I promise. So the outfit is a white skirt, lace parasol, lace gloves, fan and hair bow which have all been studded with gold, round studs.
And the crowning piece was my Steamy Sea crab necklace!
 Chelsea was fantastic to work with. This was her first photo shoot and would like to continue modeling. But she listened to instruction well and by the end she was cruising along just like a pro.
My favorite part was sticking her in the ocean. It took away some of the sweetness. But this girl is just like a little doll.
I've decided that I love playing this role. Directing everything and twittering around adjusting this and that. I thought I might get jealous not being in front of the camera myself but as it turns out being the designer is much more fun and a lot less stressful. I was running back and forth grabbing this and changing that, adjusting her clothes, changing her position, look this way, make this face... I had a blast.

So here is just one teaser shot for ya'll. But you'll have to forgive the horrible watermarking, that isn't my job, for obvious reasons, but I was too excited to wait for Travis is do it for real. But more 'properly' watermarked pics will be up on facebook soon and of course you'll get all the raw, unmarked, awesome photos when we publish the book in like a year... or two. :D

Model: Chelsea Sumners
Photographer: Darryl Reynolds

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