Photos Finally!

This is something I have been wanting to do for years now and finally it's happening.

Live Steamy will have it's book someday!  We tried again for the photo shoot that we had to cancel a few days ago. We had some scattered thunder storms this afternoon and I was really afraid we would have to cancel again and run the risk of not being able to shoot with this model, Miss Chelsea. Which would have been such a shame because she did great! She was so sweet and a real pleasure to work with. I had her modeling a white skirt, lace parasol, gloves, hair bow and fan all decked out in round, gold studs paired with white and blue striped corset top and shoes. She also modeled my crab necklace and again her lovely tanned skin it was perfect.
We did several shots around an huge piece of old driftwood. Got her walking on the beach. Up against an awesome rusted pillar. And then we tossed her in the ocean and took away some of that sweetness with a dripping wet, hiked up skirt.
Chelsea really did such a good job! I hope I get the chance to do more work with her and I hope she continues to pursue modeling. And my photographer, Darryl! I cannot say enough about him. He is such a pleasure to work with and his shots were fantastic! I think I finally have all the perfect pieces for this project.

I will share some photos as soon as I get them! But here is a snap shot of the crab necklace that I mentioned.  Have such a good night everyone!!

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