First Post!

First of all I must thank my oldest, best friend for helping me so much in getting all this set up. She is totally awesome!!

Travis, my fiance, says I’m gushing so much excitement that he thinks he may need an umbrella. And it’s true, I am so excited about starting this blog and connecting through Facebook and getting my work up on etsy. This is another big step on what has been a really amazing journey!

So things about me that may be relevant; or may be crazy babble, of course you take or leave all that you like. I’m a Scorpio/Libra cusp. For my Scorpio side I say hell yeah! and for my Libra side I just say thank god! A little balance never hurt the crazy person. But either way I’m just packed with emotion. I love exploring all the ways we have to be human. I cry at movies... and some commercials. I scream out gasps when something surprises me. And I get very, very excited! Like I am today. :D

I’m not the typical type of artists in a few ways: like I don’t really draw or paint unless its part of project. And in other ways I am exactly like what you would expect from an artist: my art room and work shop are a disaster area and dead lines kill me. But that’s also a few a of the reasons that Steampunk fits me so well. I first fell in love with it by the sheer awesomeness of turning junk into something so beautiful. I’ve always been into corsets and huge dresses, bustles and garters and hats and fans and gloves. So finding a fashion that incorporated all of that just left me smitten; heart and soul.

I’m not the type of girl to only pull my fantastic clothes out when there is a convention in town, I want to wear what I like all the time. So I started finding and making casual Steampunk clothing and accessories that I can wear any time and any where. I had a blast making items for myself but now having the opportunity to expand and share my work with others as been so incredible. I had such great support from loved ones and just kept fiddling around until at last Live Steamy was born!

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