Today is our first photo shoot for my big Live Steamy project. We are going to be doing a whole series of photo shoots focusing on the art and clothing made by yours truly and modeled by many different girls who are volunteering for the project. I've been wanting and trying to do this for a few years now but the pieces didn't fully come together until now. The idea is to get really unique pictures that showcase my art and design work and then hopefully turn it all into a big book. :D I'm also just really happy to be working with the models and getting them experience and great photos that they can use in their portfolios and more.

I'm so excited! We have a great photographer and now being in Savannah we have the opportunity to shoot in such amazing places. Everyone involved is really putting heart and energy in. It's such an awesome blessing.

Today we will be shooting with the sweetheart, Miss Chelsea, out on Tybee beach. And I'm just praying it doesn't rain as Savannah has been having tropical storms. But who knows maybe it will pour buckets and we will get some great wet shots instead. After all, when the wind starts to blow you have to bend or you'll break, right? ;)

I will update how the shoot went when we get back this evening! Wish us luck and good shooting!

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