Speaking of Annabel Lee

If you got a chance to read our previous posts we announced my long awaited pregnancy and our desire to name her Annabelle Lee if she is a girl. But speaking of Annabel Lee I met a few members of an amazing airship crew who are doing the most amazing fund raiser!

The Airship Annabel Lee is raising money for Autism Awareness! As part of this effort we are selling custom bustle skirts on Etsy designed and sewn by our crew. ALL of the proceeds for these skirts will go to the Autism Speaks charity. Each skirt is custom made to the purchaser’s measurements and is of the highest quality. There is a wide variety of fabric combinations to choose from and two lengths ( ¾ length and floor length). There are limited quantities and we will only be making and selling these skirts for charity. If you are interested please check out the Etsy shop at:
We very much encourage you to buy one of these gorgeous hand made Bustle skirts to support this cause! 
For the gentlemen and ladies that do not wish to buy a whole skirt but would like to add your support- Live Steamy is holding it's own collection. We will match your donation up to the purchase of a skirt. ALL monies donated go directly to Bustle Bums for Charity©
We have added a donate button so it's easy peasy! Donate in any amount you like! Every little bit helps. This is the first Steampunk community full charity that I have seen and we couldn't be more happy to help the Airship Annabel Lee in this noble endeavor.  

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  1. This is a great fundraiser idea. I hope your crew has a lot of success with it.